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Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
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 40 reviews
by Eugenia Broadley on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Great trainer and fantastic bootcamps

Great training group! Nice atmosphere, motivation, fun, hard work, and an amazing trainer like Jake who will you keep motivated all the time! I highly recommend this group for any fit level as the training can accommodate all the needs from beginners to pro serious athletes

by Nikki Syrvet on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer

I started going to Jake’s camp because I saw the huge difference it had made for a friend of mine. I am not disappointed! I’ve run my first sub 2-hour half marathon and I’m excited to see what more I can achieve with jake’s motivation.

by Adam Cauldwell on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Jake helped me find the motivation to go back! Great bootcamp

I started going to Jake’s boot camps about 6 weeks ago. I don’t mind admitting that I was nowhere near as fit as I thought I was, and found it really challenging. The thing is, Jake didn’t judge me for being unfit, he only encouraged and helped me find the motivation to go back. I’ve now embraced the challenge and I’m working towards a healthier and fitter me and I’m enjoying every moment. If anybody wants to get fit and feel better I would definitely give him a call. Thanks Jake!

by Jess Stevenson on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Amazing atmosphere

Had my first session yesterday, absolutely amazing, the team spirit is so powerful and such a wonderful motivating atmosphere. The absolute thing I needed. I pushed myself to do things I didn't even think I could do, especially on the first day. Everyone's so lovely and welcoming and really pushed me to carry on. Absolutely brilliant bootcamp, I've recommended it to so many people already and will be coming back �

by Jonathan Rigby on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Bootcamp is addictive!

The single biggest thing I take away from every single bootcamp is motivation. In bucketloads.

You push me to train far, far harder and far more effectively than I could ever manage to do by myself. And somehow you make it so much fun! I genuinely look forward to Thursday nights running myself into the ground and Saturday mornings doing insane circuits in the park. It's such great value for money.

The cave takes things to another level again, for sure, particularly that bloody air assault bike, but the sense of satisfaction at the end of every session is immense. I'm looking forward to picking up more tips on how best to tailor my own strength training for maximum effectiveness.

After five months, from a position of pretty much zero fitness after doing virtually no training for six years or so after having a child, I now reckon I am already as fit as I have ever been in my adult life. And motivated to go further and reach new levels of fitness and strength... Consequently I now find myself getting up on a Sunday morning to go run up hills or sneak in a cheeky 5K because I've seen the improvements I've made in bootcamp and I want to keep it going. It's addictive! I genuinely never believed I would ever be someone who would enjoy running for pleasure (aside from with a football) but somehow you've managed it.

I've also found it has motivated me to make beneficial lifestyle changes in other areas. I've pretty much cut out sugary food and snacks without even thinking about it and cut down, if not cut out, the beer and coffee. I feel great generally, energy levels are definitely way up. Which produces more motivation to keep pushing on.

I can't imagine not training with such intensity and focus now. But I know it wouldn't be possible without yourself and all the great people who come to bootcamp. I honestly did not expect it to be such a laugh. It really does feel like a big family. Bootcamper for life.

Anyone reading this wondering whether to give bootcamp a go, whether it is really for them, you really should come along and give it a try because you won't regret it.

by Tammy Wardle on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Loved my first bootcamp

I just wanted to say thanks for last week's bootcamp. I apologise for being a whinge bag, really enjoyed it and cannot wait for next week. I'm so excited to see the difference in myself throughout this year. Along with bootcamp i have upped my fitness and been going to the gym and yoga too. I really enjoy having things like bootcamp to look forward to tho as they push me thay bit further. Thanks again and see you next week 🙂

by Sam Patchitt on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Top quality and very knowledgeable

Always a great workout made enjoyable. Top quality set up combined with a good knowledge and understanding of what works and why.

by Philip Tinsley on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
I’ve lost 10% body fat in 12 weeks and really happy with my results

I have just completed the first 12 week body plan, and could not recommend this highly enough. I was nervous in starting as I always made too many excuses beforehand, but with Jakes support throughout the 12 weeks from being my angel and devil I have managed to lose 10.8kg in bodyweight and 10% body fat. I couldn’t recommend Jake and his knowledge enough. I have achieved more than expected and ready to start he next 12 weeks of my program. Thanks pal

by Bronwyn Brookdryk on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Really enjoyed my first bootcamp!

The guys at the bootcamp have made me feel welcome, will definitely be back again! In the meantime I’ll be “practising what I’m crap at”�

by Paul Archer on Jake Wood: Personal Trainer
Loved bootcamp!!!

Thanks Jake! I thoroughly enjoyed my first bootcamp session with everyone. It was challenging, but still fun with plenty of motivation/encouragement given out throughout the session. I look forward to the next one

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